BUER: Today and Yesterday .....plus links to America
last update: 19.02.2010

Hier deutsche Fassung

Dedicated to the german and american descendants of the Buescher, Nienhueser (Niehaus) and (auf der) Masch families (as well as hundreds of other farmers who left the german village of BUER and its surrounding villages in the 19th century to emigrate to the U.S.A.)
(see list of 3,600 emigrants)

  • BUER 200 years ago: district Groenenberg, prince-bishopric Osnabrueck, Kingdom Hannover
  • BUER today: community Melle, district Osnabrueck, state Niedersachsen (Lower-Saxony) (see map of Germany)

    Today's Photographs of Yesterday's traces:
    Old Photographs and Paintings :
    Historical Maps:

    old documents regarding emigrants:
    where did the Buer emigrants settle in the USA?


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